CRISIS HOTLINE available 24/7. Call toll free: (888) 867-7233. Se Habla Español.

CRISIS HOTLINE available 24/7. Call toll free: (888) 867-7233. Se Habla Español.


Many people are hurting because of an act of violence committed against them.  Anyone – men, women, and children may be affected by violence.  Our children are subjected to neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Research shows as many as 1 in 4 girls will be victims of sexual abuse by the time they are 18-years-old. For boys, the number is 1 in 6. Often the abuse is a “family secret” passed from one generation to another.

There is hope and restoration at the Advocacy Center.The Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children began in 1976 as the Waco Rape Crisis Center. It has grown into an umbrella agency with three programs, the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC),
The Victims Center, and Prevention and Education
 – offering many services to the hurting in our community.

Over the past year the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children has:

Conducted 569 developmentally sensitive and legally sound forensic interviews for children ages 2-17
Responded to 386 crisis hotline calls
Performed 190 sexual assault medical exams of children and adults in the Central Texas region
Provided direct counseling and advocacy services to 490 primary and secondary victims of crime
Presented 630 prevention related programs to more than 14,410 community members


Mark Childers – President Danika Morefield - Vice President Morgan Wiatrek- Secretary Kathy Sorensen - Treasurer
Sheila Brown Bricker Bruner Taina Maya William Roy De Friend
Jamie Goble Robert Lanning Michaela (Micki) Alvarado Sarah Hopkins-McCormick
Joseph Scaramucci Richard Wallace

Barry Johnson

Natalie Derrick


Staff MemberTitleEmailExtension
Barbara WrightExecutive Directorbwright@advocacycntr.orgx110
Della HodgeOperations/Administrative Manageradminsupport@advocacycntr.orgx111
Dr. Kerry BurkleyCAC Program Directorkburkley@advocacycntr.orgx101
Heather FillmoreForensic Interviewerlfillmore@advocacycntr.orgx105
Kristi SkainsForensic
Judy ChambersCAC Victims Services
Dr. Soo BattleMedical Advisor/Pediatric Examinersbattle@advocacycntr.orgx104
Michelle DavisVictims Center Clinical Directormdavis@advocacycntr.orgx115
Patsy BucknerFamily Advocatepbuckner@advocacycntr.orgx114
Shanta WilliamsCounselorswilliams@advocacycntr.orgx129
Samantha SimpsonCounselorssimpson@advocacycntr.orgx128
Laura DowningCase Manager / Counselorldowning@advocacycntr.orgx109
Doug CumminsCounselordcummins@advocacycntr.orgx116
Dr. Colby WaltersCounselorclwalters@advocacycntr.orgx120
Aleigh AscherlPrevention Education Coordinatoraascherl@advocacycntr.orgx118
Michele DavisSexual Assault Forensic Examiner
Alison SorleyDevelopment Specialistasorley@advocacycntr.orgx127
Sarah HoppingHotline Coordinatorshopping@advocacycntr.orgx121
Lucila LimonesCAC Case Managerllimones@advocacycntr.orgx113
Lucero AguilarCounselorlaguilar@advocacycntr.orgx213
Emily MillicanPrevention Educatoremillican@advocacycntr.orgx108
Ashley CassellClient Servicesbcastillo@advocacycntr.orgx100
Heydi McKinneyForensic Interviewerhmckinney@advocacycntr.orgx106
Mickie DyeSexual Assault Forensic Examinermdye@advocacycntr.orgx123
Heather LewisCAC Case Managerllewis@advocacycntr.orgx107
Carol HarperGrants Coordinatorcharper@advocacycntr.orgx112
Tarissa KlanderSexual Assault Advocatetklander@advocacycntr.orgx117
Ida ParmerCAC Intake
Sarah HoppingCrisis Hotline
Katie ValenzuelaPrevention
Blythe WaldbilligPrevention