Get Involved


The Advocacy Center isn’t an island unto itself. Everyday, we rely on volunteers and philanthropists who are willing to share their time, experience, and finances to serve their community. Without the help of involved community members, we could not sustain our efforts and continue to help our neighbors who have been victims of crimes.

This is where you come in. Your help, in the form of volunteerism and monetary donations, allow you to be a part of the difference we are making in our community. Please consider helping the Advocacy Center by whatever means you are most able. The two most common ways you can help are through your donations and volunteering with the Advocacy Center. For more information on how you can help directly, please contact us here. Thank you in advance for your consideration!


Volunteers are a very important component of the Advocacy Center. Volunteers are selfless, concerned, and empathetic workers who are willing to donate their time to bring healing to victims of violent crimes. Volunteers aid our staff and allow the day-to-day operations of the Advocacy Center to run smoothly and efficiently. Without these volunteers, we would not be able to continue to serve and impact our community so effectively. We would encourage you to please consider helping to make a difference by serving in this way.


Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children thrives because of teamwork. To meet our goal we must come together as competent professionals and create a loving environment.


The Advocacy Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that relies on the charitable donations of others to serve the community. Without your help, we could not continue to bring hope and healing to victims of violent crimes. All donations stay here and are used by the Advocacy Center to directly impact the Central Texas area. Your donation can directly impact the hurting adults and children in this community by providing them with a safe and constructive environment that is the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children.